2021 Architecture Summer Studio Armenia – is the first major event organized by NPATAK: a non-profit organization founded by three architects with international education and experience, with the purpose to facilitate architectural education and pursue greater international visibility and competitiveness of Armenian architecture and young talent.


The primary idea of the Summer Studio is a platform, where architects and other specialists from all over the world will volunteer their time as studio leaders - providing local students experience with diverse study methods and cultures of design studios. The list of the outstanding international faculty with a variety of backgrounds is available on our media platforms. We anticipate three to four groups with four to five students in each, which will work on topics under supervision of the international faculty. Final schedule details of the studio event will be provided later.


Summer Studio 2021 initiative will provide participants real life experience of cooperation with clients, colleagues and consultants around a specific project which responds to a real needs. Organizations such as TUMO, COAF, Armenia 2041 (IDeA) and others that are being involved in and playing an important role in Armenia's current development, will provide topics of their existing or future program that requires an architectural viewpoint. Representatives from these organizations will act as the client and would be involved from the concept process through to final presentations of the design, playing a role to develop an interesting deep discussion. As a result, they will receive a well-supervised proposal, whereas students will gain experience of working with a client and learn how to solve and reflect upon concrete issues. It is hoped that involvement of the respectful organizations in the workshop will boost the creative and analytical potential of all participants, leading to a fruitful collaboration.